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Healthy Heart for Life



 Discover the Secrets to lowering your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol in Just 6 Weeks. You'll get a Life Changing Strategy every day for 42 days, and Discover how to Boost Your Health, inside and out.



 Has Heart Disease impacted upon your life?

Sadly, heart disease took my grandfather at a young age. It's more than likely had an impact on your life too, whether either directly or indirectly. Heart disease is the number one cause of premature death in both men and women, yet many of the symptoms and warning signs can go unchecked. Taking good care of your heart health can make a massive difference to your quality of life, and the life of those closest to you. Fortunately, heart disease can be managed, prevented or even reversed, and Healthy Heart for Life shows you how.


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How this book can change your life 

Healthy Heart for Life is loaded with the latest nutrition and exercise tips, meal suggestions and scientifically proven advice. It's the ultimate guide on how to boost your current and future health, and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol without drugs. The book will show you what foods can help fight heart disease, ways to outsmart the genes that pre-dispose people to high blood pressure and cholesterol, a healthy heart check-up to identify the lifestyle factors impacting on your heart health, andpractical tips to help you live longer, lose weight and feel great.



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Get practical tips from over 200 studies

The tips in Healthy Heart for Life are easy to follow, yet they and are based on peer reviewed scientific research, which means they are proven to be effective. You'll see these tips in the "Science says" section of each tip. I've summarised over 200 scientific studies in this book, and just whittled, them down to the bare essentials. In other words, there's no scientific jargon or mumbo jumbo - just the plain facts that apply to your life now and in the future. Finally, most tips include a series of practical tips that show you what specific changes you can make to your lifestyle that day, and from that day onwards.



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Can you make a difference in 6 weeks?

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association showed how people could make a significant difference to their heart health within 6 six weeks. After making some simple lifestyle changes, people experienced significant reductions in body fat, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Doesn't that sound great? After just six weeks, these people were facing a future with a dramatic reduction in the risk of killer illnesses like heart disease, not to mention diabetes and even cancer. And they lost weight. The lifestyle changes that took place in this groundbreaking study are the types of changes I'll guide you through in Healthy Heart for Life. You only need to make one change a day. But keep in mind that over the 6 week plan, those daily changes will snowball, resulting in a dramatic improvement in your health and wellbeing. Obviously, your health will benefit most from lifestyle changes that are permanent. Make no mistake, this is not a diet or a fad that you can just start and stop. But it's great to know you can also achieve great things in a short space of time.



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Some frightening facts on heart disease

Heart disease prevents millions of people from living a full life. If you were in any doubt about how serious a problem heart disease is, take a look at these alarming statistics.

• More people than ever are living with heart disease. It's estimated that 1 one in 4 four Australians have high blood pressure, while six million Australians are thought to have high blood cholesterol.
• Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally, and more people die annually from heart disease than from any other cause.
• In industrialised countries, around one in two people will die from heart and blood vessel disease. Many of these deaths are preventable.
• Heart disease kills five times more women than breast cancer.
• Every day, 150 Australians die from cardiovascular disease, and it's not just the elderly, with 8000 men and 3000 women under the age of 65 losing their life to heart disease each year.
• Billions of dollars are spent every year on medical devices and drugs to treat heart disease.
• More than 50% per cent of people who die suddenly of a heart attack had no signs or symptoms of heart disease.


The 6 week plan in Healthy Heart for Life has been specially designed by Andrew Cate, who has been featured in and on: 

The Today Show, Who Weekly, Body & Soul, Nature & Health, Prevention, Ultra-Fit Magazine, Good Medicine Magazine, New Idea and Weight Watchers Magazine.


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